Corporate Safety Program

The safety and health of our employees is of primary importance. At Abbott Electric, our employees are our most valuable resource, so of course we want to assure our workers return home injury-free to their families at the end of every workday.

That’s why all of our employees at Abbott Electric undergo an initial safety-training program before they ever get to their first on-site job. In addition, every week our employees are presented with a short safety training topic from our ongoing program to make sure safety remains an important focus. Our OSHA-certified, full-time safety director visits our projects and provides safety feedback and training to make sure our employees stay safe out in the field. Abbott Electric’s safety record is among the best in the entire industry.

We can also help your employees stay safe long after we’re gone. Our sister company, Stark Safety Consultants, a leader in electrical safety programs. We specialize in safety training programs like basic Electrical Safety, Lock Out, Tag Out and Arc Flash Safety courses. We can even train your designated trainer.

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